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— Winston Churchill

Young Man Needs Help Getting Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign Off the Ground

I read something tonight and it really struck a chord. Matt Pipkin and his dad, Chet, a commercial pilot, plan to try to break the world record for non-stop flight, staying in the air for 65 days to help raise awareness of child sexual abuse. How cool is that, and we can help make it happen!

From his website…”My name is Matt Pipkin, I’m 26 years old, and I just started talking a couple years ago about the fact that I was molested when I was five. I kept it secret all that time because I thought it was my fault and was terrified and ashamed to tell anyone. I started counseling last year and that former fear and weight has become my driving force. I’m doing this for others who are walking in similar shoes – and I’m doing this for the five-year old me who went through this.”

So much of what we read and hear about child sexual abuse is horrifying. It’s easy to turn away. This, though, is tremendously inspiring and we can help spread a positive message. You can donate to his fund raising campaign and/or post  the campaign link to your Facebook page, tweet it, blog it, etc.,  and encourage others to do the same.

It seems we more often hear about women making great initiatives in this arena and it’s equally inspiring to see men taking the lead…1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before they’re 18. Our society offers up such intense stigma it can create even greater barriers for boys to come forward and seek help. Let’s make that change.

I have a son (who adores airplanes) and I have a healthy fear related to keeping his world free from abuse. However, if he were to be abused (and it hurts to even write that) I wish for him the courage and support to heal. I’d do everything possible to help him regain his personal power, to abolish shame−to help his spirit take flight. I wish for a society where stigma is banished and where survivors are embraced with warmth and understanding, compassion and love. I believe we can work toward creating that society.

What a gift to see this young man continue to take back his personal power and perhaps if we participate in helping his campaign gain viral momentum, we can also make a positive difference while helping someone’s dream soar.

You can also read more here and you can “Like” his Facebook page here

Thanks so much


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2 comments to Young Man Needs Help Getting Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign Off the Ground

  • It’s so scary keeping kids safe, particularly in today’s world where predators have so much more access to our kids. It is always encouraging to see people like this young man taking the initiative like this. For it to be a young man too, is great because so often we hear about females in regards to abuse but not males. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!
    Shiela´s last blog ..One Woman’s Fitness My ComLuv Profile

  • Oh Tricia this is just wonderful! Breaking the silence on such a horrific issue helps take it’s power away. Very cool. I am off to read more about this.

    I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing? I hope that this holiday season you are being surrounded by peace, hope, joy and love. XX
    Lori´s last blog ..Decking the halls &amp spreading the chaos My ComLuv Profile

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