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— Winston Churchill

News Sources…Who Do You Trust?

I’m a political nincompoop. It’s true. I don’t claim to hold the truth on any particular issue and through the last two decades my ideologies have changed significantly, surprisingly. Experience hasn’t provided wisdom, I don’t think, but it has certainly provided cynicism.

I strongly believe we each have a responsibility to be informed citizens, to participate in the political process, to discuss and contemplate current events and to challenge each other and our elected officials. Engaging in that debate is cumbersome in so many ways and if often leaves me drained. There are so many voices and we’re bombarded with a multitude of bias messages developed with a specific intent to promote this or that agenda, and we then filter those biases through our own looking glass, depending on our particular situation and hand of cards. I often wonder when I watch or read the news and try to filter out the agenda-promotion, what is the truth? It’s not enough to consume media from the left and media from the right. It’s not due diligence to only regard those reports and articles that reinforce our own beliefs; doing so only serves to create a greater divide and ignorance about the issues that polarize us as a people, and what our government is or is not doing in our representative republic.

The political grandstanding that took place during our most recent presidential election and the overwhelming amount of mud slinging doesn’t seem to have stopped now that we’re seven months into a new administration. The news media is just as hateful and citizens and government seem just as polarized. I wonder what our lives would be like if we could invent a truth serum and give it to every member of the media and every elected official at the local, state and federal levels. Then again, each person’s truth is different, unique and filtered again through our individual bias and belief systems.

I often don’t know where to turn for news that is honest and I’m not sure there is even such a thing as honest news in an era of increased magazine-style journalism and radical talk shows.

Where do you turn for deeper understandings to help you put the information you’re digesting through a sieve? Are there particular journalists or publications you trust, and if so, which ones?

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3 comments to News Sources…Who Do You Trust?

  • It seems the more I learn the less I know … with the increased ability to ‘communicate’ (or at least to put information out to others) there is even more to muddle through.

    I agree so much with “…each person’s truth is different, unique and filtered again through our individual bias and belief systems.”

    It is so hard and confusing!

  • Jan

    I agree with Amy – it seems the more I learn the less I know.

    I’m not entirely sure I really trust any news source, but I get most of my news via the internet – Yahoo! is my biggest source for that, followed by and the BBC, who seem to be surprisingly unbiased about most things, although even they took sides and did a great deal of mudslinging during the recent presidential election.
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  • Kay

    This is a tough one. Even using non-biased sources like Google or Yahoo, the articles that they send you to ARE going to be biased.
    I think who you come to trust really depends on which way you lean politically, in all honesty. I’m one who falls (most of the time) on the conservative side of most issues, so that impacts who I trust. I definitely tend to be more right wing than left. With that in mind, here’s 2 sources that I trust – (Dana, author of Mamalogues) (He can be a bit… much sometimes, but he tends to break things down into an understandable package, which is a plus for me)

    Once you’ve found a source or two that you think you like, it pays to research those that oppose them – so that you can see whether or not you really agree.

    All of that research takes so much time, though – so I spent the time looking at views that opposed Dana’s and Glenn’s, and now feel that I can trust their views, because they usually match up with mine. There are (of course) a few things we disagree on – but none of those are major issues to me.

    There truly is NO unbiased source out there – whoever wrote the article (or the script for the video) inserts their own feelings. Anyone who claims to be completely unbiased is lying. (Although the Drudge Report comes the closest I’ve ever seen – he breaks stories on anyone and everyone, and while he never hides his opinion, he seems to dislike everyone equally)
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