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— Winston Churchill

Friday Funday Dinner Story

Even though Friday is half over, it still calls for a Friday Funday post.

We started calling Friday “Funday” because at Aaron’s school Friday afternoons are reserved for activities that are thought of as traditionally more fun. Of course I’d argue that a good book is the most fun, but hey…what do I know?

To carry the “funday’ theme forward, several months ago we started letting Aaron eat dinner in the family room. With the TV on. I know, I know, just string me up by my ears.

I’m one of those crazy obsessive people who does not allow my child to eat food anywhere except at the kitchen counter or the kitchen table, and there’s NO TV allowed during meals. I grew up participating in nightly family dinners and have incredibly fond memories of those times together. Dinner was often the only chance we had to all sit down together, have an uninterrupted conversation, touch base on what was going on in each other’s lives and explore each other’s thoughts on a variety of things.

My dad worked from 6:00 in the morning until at least 7:30 at night…SEVEN days a week. Sitting down together for dinner was incredibly important for our relationship and I’m certain I learned some of the most valuable life-lessons and values, things that still echo in my mind, from talking with my dad over mom’s shepherd pie, and I’m sure it’s not a surprise that I’ve carried the family dinner tradition into my adult life. It’s just not an option here at Chez Sanders…except on Fridays.

I actually can’t take the blame credit for initiating this little ritual. I was out of town and my husband let Aaron eat dinner in the family room on a Friday night. Our little son was so over-the-moon excited to have what he considers a huge privilege, we decided to make it a weekly routine.  Each Friday as we start making dinner, Aaron gets out a little tray and arranges a placement, napkin, silverware, dishes and even his very own little pepper shaker, and he does it all with great precision and pride. It’s fun to watch and I think this is a tradition we’ll keep. I just can’t resist those great big smiles he gives when we say it’s “Friday Funday!”

What about you? Do you have any family dinner time traditions you love?

I’m also guest posting today over at Life and Times of a WickedStepMom. Head over and say hello if you have a chance.

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5 comments to Friday Funday Dinner Story

  • Family dinner time is so important … matter a fact my first expereince of this tradition was so many years ago as a young teenager at my best friends house (yes yours!) My family typically ate all over the place. I too carry the tradition of nightly dinner at the table … all six children and adults!!!

    But sometimes if daddy is away … we eat popcorn and ice cream for dinner!!! Hey, it is a veggie and dairy!!!
    Amy @ Six Flower Mom´s last blog ..Whale or Mermaid? My ComLuv Profile

  • Hi Tricia. Long time since I’ve stopped by but I see you’re still telling the most wonderful stories. I won’t even pretend to try to catch up but I hope that once summer is over, I’ll back to my regular routine and stop by here more often. HUGS
    Midlife Slices´s last blog ..Monday Mentions My ComLuv Profile

  • Even if we have what we call “special treat” (dinner in front of the TV), we are still all together in the same room.
    Smalltown Mom´s last blog ..Aerophernalia My ComLuv Profile

  • We almost always all eat dinner together. I insist on it. The only time we let them out of family dinner is when they aren’t feeling well. It has even gotten to the point where the kids are disaapointed if Bear or I need to pass on family dinner for one reason or another.
    WickedStepMom´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts: Leprechauns vs. Ninjas My ComLuv Profile

  • Megan

    I loved your family dinners. Your parents dinner table was the best place to be on almost any night. The storys and tales that got shared were the best and Aunt Donna’s cooking wow.( I liked it when she made mexican.) You could always count on a fun time or at least a lively conversation.

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