Writing is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.

— Winston Churchill

I’m Not Lazy, Really!

I could also title this post, One More Reason Facebook Sucks

On Facebook there’s this foolish thing where questions pop up about people in your network. They’re probably harmless, silly, rather simple questions. I had no idea this little application existed until I received a notification that people were answering questions about me. I had to go check it out (curiosity brought the cat back and all).

“Friends” had answered yes or no to the following questions:

  • Do you think Tricia is cute, (Answer: NO)
  • Do you think Tricia would bungee jump: (Answer: NO)
  • Do you think Tricia is a virgin? (Answer: NO)
  • Do you think Tricia is a slacker? (Answer: Yes)

Oh realllllly. Cuteness is overrated (I keep telling myself).

Of course I am a virgin. My son was born through surrogacy.  There’s nothing quite like pregnancy to force a father to admit his daughter is rolling in the hay, and I really didn’t want to put him through that realization.

Yes, I would bungee jump and it’s on my list of things to do.

Obviously the people who answered those questions are old high school acquaintance I’ve not seen in 20 years, and for good reason.

feetwithwineBut slacker…someone thinks I’m a slacker? That’s like putting on boxing gloves and giving me a sucker punch before I can even join you in the ring.

You could call me all sorts of things, pelt me with names, label me until I’m sprouting purple bruises and for the most part I’d get over it (eventually). I’d cry and whine, stomp my feet, hide in a corner, but sooner or later I’d get off the ropes. Unless you call me lazy, and in my book slacker is simply a synonym for lazy.

“Lazy” twists my gut like a horse with colic. Have you ever seen a horse colic? It’s a maddening, painful way to die and it’s best just to shoot the poor animal. When I was a kid my dad used to say, Tricia you can be anything you want when you grow up, just don’t be a bum. So, yea, thanks dear ole dad. You gave me my hot button and branded my brain. (Bum is another synonym for lazy, in case you’re wondering) In fact, I do believe family legend has it that Dad started telling me that lazy was out of the question before I was out of diapers.

Wanna know another little piece of trivia? It wasn’t an old high school flame chum who thinks I’m a slacker. Nope, it’s a cousin’s husband. I knew there was a reason I didn’t fly home for that wedding.

PS: To find out who was answering questions about me, I had to answer questions about other people before the system would give up my stalker’s identity. I just want to go on the record here to say that I answered affirmatively when asked if I have a crush on Cheri and if I think Lisa has nice teeth.

Do you have a hot-button word or phrase?

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25 comments to I’m Not Lazy, Really!

  • LOL Tricia!!

    I knew there was a reason I do not go anywhere close to those “harmless” facebook apps – i love myself WAY too much!

    And I cannot believe you actually found your stalker’s identity !!

    Mayas last blog post..The Calm Fire : A journal entry

  • HA! I havn’t looked at facebook for a few weeks, and T,: your husband and I, and your mom and dad also, think you’re cute. So phhlllbbt to that person!

    garys last blog post..WWC: teaPOT, Phone, M for murder!

  • donna

    Tricia, I don’t know who it was that called you lazy, but it is obvious that he really does not KNOW you very well. Member of the family or not.I suggest that this person get to know you before putting his FOOT in his mouth. Gary is right when he says that you are cute. It is all relative any way. You are a beautiful person both inside and out. So husband of Tricia’s cousin open your eyes and really take a look before you make stupid accusations about someone that you have not taken the time to get to know.

  • Tricia

    @Maya: Beautifully said!

    @Gary: Whether it’s your comments or pottery, you always make me smile.

    @Donna: Stand down mama bear, I promise I’m fine and I actually thought this whole thing was funny. I love that you’re always my defender, but you didn’t tell me what your hot button is?

  • I have never done face book or any of those things like that so I am kinda in the dark about these things. Were these serious questions with serious answers? I would have to think that people are just playing around and joking with you…people wouldn’t just be mean would they? As far as my hot button phrases or words? I will have to think about this today because I’m sure I have them. I know any kind of meanness gets my blood boiling!

    Loris last blog post..Addiction

  • Just one more reason I don’t do facebook.

    My mother used to freak out if people called her nice.

    Smalltown Moms last blog post..Bathing Beauties

  • Jan

    Excuse me, but could you point me in the direction of this yahoo? I have a thing or three to say to him in regards to one of the cutest and least slacky people I know.


    Jans last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • Tricia, you will always be an adorable enthusiastic over-achiever to me!

    I have being called over-dramatic. I heard it a lot when I was a kid. I swear I wasn’t being overly dramatic. I was just accident prone and sickly.

    WickedStepMoms last blog post..Random Tuesday Thoughts: No Crutches!!

  • Tricia

    @Lori: Meanies make me sooo sad too!

    @Smalltown Mom: OH that sounds like a really interesting story about your mom not liking to be called nice. It’s often subjective, isn’t it. Sounds like a blog post to me…hint, hint.

    @Jan: You could come to Vermont with me and we can go hunting…for bullies.

    @WickedStep Mom: I don’t think anyone’s called me adorable since I stopped wearing pigtails in the second grade. THANK YOU. I like people with a little bit of drama in their personality…keeps life interesting!

  • Oh Tricia, I would never in a million years call you a slacker or UNcute!! (for the record, you are HAWT)

    Let’s see…if it makes you feel any better, I have been called “mean” (I prefer to use the word “direct”) on more than one occasion.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Of Famous Babies and Underwater Squirrels

  • Amy

    Cute – indeed you are!!
    Bungee Jump — yeah, you are a little crazy like that!
    Virgin – Some things need not be discussed, we all have secrets!
    Slacker — I don’t think so!

    Apparently these people/person has no idea what they are talking about! They are the SLACKERS on getting to know you!

    Amys last blog post..To-do Tuesday

  • Well I’ve seen your picture and I think you are very cute. I’m kind of new to Facebook and I am not sure I like it very much. I don’t like those questions. So far for me it isn’t about catching up with people I haven’t seen in a long time(which is why I joined) but more about being invited to join games, IQ tests and other quiz type stuff.

    Eh I wouldn’t give your cousins husband another thought. Sounds to me like was just trying to get a rise out of you and a little of your attention. lol

    Monicas last blog post..Tattoo-Do you have one or more?

  • kristy

    So my hot buttons are definitely being called Lazy as well, Others are being told that I can’t do something, especially if it is a sexist task that is typically done by men.

  • Kim

    It is interesting that “little” people (not size) still populate the universe!!!! They should pay more taxes.

    My hot button?

    “Don’t make me feel stupid.”

    You are the best.

  • Tricia

    @Heather: HAWT! Really? Can we elope…I promise not to call you mean and I love direct people.

    @Amy: I’d just like to remind you that you have six children, so your sex life is in fact no secret. And what exactly do you mean that I’m crazy like that :o )

    @Monica: I think I’m a generation behind…I just can’t get into Facebook either and so prefer blogging.

    @Kristy: You can drive a tractor better than any guy I know, just let anyone try to say differently. (Being told I can’t do something is my second hot button, by the way).

    @Kim: Ha Ha! Now that would be a brilliant solution to what I think is our SNAFU of a tax system…anyone who makes themselves feel better by bullying or picking on someone else should pay more taxes…absolutely BRILLIANT. You know I married you for your brain, right?! Intelligence is the most appealing aphrodisiac EVER.

  • donna

    OK so now you know what my hot button is. DO NOT attack my kids. Even though they are all grown up.

    I am with you Kim, make them pay more taxes if they are going to be stupid.

    My real hot button is lying and stealing, can’t put up with it.

    Any one who challenges you Kristy has rocks in their head. I know that i wouldn’t and I am your Mom

  • I killed those apps within a week of signing up with Facebook. Considering that the profile is that of my Greyhound Nigel, it seemed odd that so many ladies thought he was a good kisser…

    Life With Dogss last blog post..Summer Splash

  • First things first: I think you’re the cutest!

    If Donna really loses her temper, just remember I have a friend with a gator pit behind his house. Just sayin.

    I am so with you on keeping our daddys in the dark about the sh….sex thing.

    Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..ALMOST ANOTHER MIDLIFE CRISIS

  • Tricia

    @Donna: You’re a good mama bear! I despise lying and stealing too, strongly!

    @Life With Dogs: Hummm. I wonder under what circumstances I’d kiss a dog, that wasn’t my own. Nigel must be super cute.

    @SMB: I think you’re definitely cuter and you’ve got the whole Harley thing going on. Um…please don’t tell Donna you have a friend with a gator pit…I’m a little afraid of what she’d do with my dad when she’s having one of her irrational moments.

  • I’m thinking I would not like Facebook.

    Pseudos last blog post..Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

  • Bwahahahaha!

    I’m going to have to stop being a slacker and start paying attention to those Facebook question thingies (whatever they’re called), ’cause if I do apparently I’ll know who has a crush on me. Well, at the risk of losing your affection, I must confess that while I AM a slacker at Facebook, I’m NOT a virgin. Gasp.

    Cheri @ Blog This Mom!s last blog post..San Diego Momma is a Lucky Ducky!

  • Ha! I never do any of the fancy applications on Facebook. I’m game until I have to click that button allowing ‘access’. Access isn’t something I give out willy nilly. Especially since I’m not exactly clear on what ‘access’ actually means in the world of Facebook.

    Lisa Ps last blog post..The Thing About Extremists

  • oh facebook. something I dont take seriously.

    movin’ down the roads last blog post..You can make things happen.

  • I refuse to take part in those facebook question/quiz/whatever thingys. For one thing, it makes me give my permission to access my account and another thing… makes me give my permission to access my account.

    Just click the “ignore” button and you’ll never know what anyone thought about you. It works for me. :)

    Midlife Slicess last blog post..Day Two Part II

  • hahahaha! i never never take part in those ridiculous questions either!

    I usually log into facebook for 5 mins and i’m off. It certainly does let me know what’s going on in your life though. :) snippets of it, anyway!

    hw are you, my dear friend? :)


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