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— Winston Churchill

How Do You Define Your Family’s Educational Goals?

Yes, I’m still over thinking Aaron’s next steps for school. There’s a part of me that wishes I could simply enroll Aaron in our public school, jump in with both feet, embrace a new reality and move forward. It sounds so much easier than all the contemplation I’ve been doing regarding education.

Then I get mad. I pay thousands of dollars a year in property taxes to help fund our public school system. The Libertarian in my heart does not understand why some of that money can’t be used as I see fit. I don’t mind paying into the pool, but as a family we should have a choice that doesn’t include paying for my child’s education twice. I should have a choice to educate my child in a way that I believe is superior to what my State has deemed adequate. Oh I realize this is about as likely as replacing our progressive income tax system with a consumption or flat tax, which is just another one of my peeves we’ll save for another day.

ATLANTA (AP) — A bill that would have made Georgia the first state in the nation with a universal school voucher program has died after education lobbyists mounted a campaign against the measure.

Savannah Republican Senator Eric Johnson says he doesn’t have the votes to pass the bill. It would have used tax dollars to pay for parents to send their children to any public or private school in the state. The bill would have expanded a program that grants such vouchers to special needs students in Georgia.

Thursday was the deadline by which all bills must pass one of the chambers of the Legislature to make it to the governor’s desk this year. The Senate did not have the voucher bill on its agenda.

Like Jan, Lori and Smart Mouth Broad pointed out in their comments on my previous post, parent involvement and what happens at home is just as, if not actually more important than what happens within a school setting. I believe that.

As I’ve spent the last few weeks contemplating education and all its varied meanings, I’ve of course considered my own in all its varied randomness. I want more for my child than I had for myself, just as my parents wanted more for me than they were afforded. But something struck me last night in a rather comforting glory.

Every lesson that has served me well and helped to advance my personal and professional pursuits has not come from a school. My father taught me the value of work, self-sufficiency and to question everything. My mother taught me to care for the underdog, to love unconditionally, and to stay close to my family. Together, my parents refused to let me say I quit or I can’t. My aunt told me I had wings that were meant to fly. My husband taught me the world is small and my place in it can be as big as I choose. My child taught me to be humble and fierce. My friend taught me the power of giving. My sister taught me to laugh at myself.

I’m not arrogant enough to think I’ve mastered those lessons. I often fall short and I’ve made enough bad decisions to make a frog dance. I haven’t always heeded the calls to action, but the lessons were absolutely forthcoming. What I’ve done with those nuggets of wisdom is completely my own fault or success, depending.

The questions I’m struggling with are probably not new to you and I keep coming back to a singular essence in my quandary…what are my expectations? I’m quite sure that if I can’t define it, we’ll never be able to achieve it.

How do you define your family’s educational goals?

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7 comments to How Do You Define Your Family’s Educational Goals?

  • Amy

    Kind of makes you wonder what our education system is doing?

    I hope to give my children a love for knowledge by showing them how it can benefit them ( not just in a monetary way)! And then help them to develop skills to finding answers and knowledge for themselves!

    It is hard!!

    Amys last blog post..What Are You Wearing?

  • Jan

    While we emphasize good grades, we don’t do so to the point where they feel they’re a failure if they get a less than stellar one. As long as they put forth their best effort, we are pleased.

    I guess the thing we try to impress on the kids is that you never stop learning – school is mostly about learning how to learn. That when you leave your years of formal education behind you, your education continues and there won’t be a day that goes by when you aren’t presented with the opportunity to learn something new. Recognize them and take advantage of them.

    Jans last blog post..The Chemist

  • Life long learners…

    Have you checked out Beth from the blog What I Should Have Said?

    She is an elementary school principal in Georgia. She is in my blogroll and could give you specific answers to your questions. Plus she’s fun and witty and a great blogger.

    Pseudos last blog post..Friday Foto: Happy Birthday BC

  • My family’s educational goals? That the little twerps at our high school pay some attention and graduate and behave themselves and don’t burglarize my house. That is my educational goal for my school tax dollars: kids grow up NOT criminals. Not asking for much, am I?

    garys last blog post..le busy morning????

  • Well, I probably sound way lame and like a horrible mother, but after growing up in a country school where we had to teach ourselves chemistry? (true story) I’ll happily put my kids into our public school here. My husband and I both came from small country schools and managed to do pretty well. I am interested to see how our kids do with so many more options and opportunities than we had.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..T-Rex Traumatization: A Parent’s How-To Guide

  • Oh my, if people are going to start taking my advice, I really ought to pay more attention to what I say. *I kid, I kid*

    Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..Jury Duty

  • I’ve always encouraged my children to learn everything they can learn about everything that interests them. Give it your best and as long as you’re happy with your best, than so am I. Uhm……that’s what I tell them…..not you.

    Midlife Slicess last blog post..Why We’re Doing It Again

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