Writing is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.

— Winston Churchill

THAT Friend

Do you have a friend who’s THAT friend; the friend you can sit and talk with for hours, and hours and hours. The one who knew you before you had wrinkles. The one you want your child to think of as family. The one who knows all your history so you never have to explain or put anything into context. The one who knows just how full of crap you really are, but keeps it to him or her self and loves you anyway?

I just spent the weekend with my THAT friend. We’ve been friends for 23+ years, we’ve seen each other through crisis and joy, and after all these years we have a profound respect and love for each other, but we have absolutely nothing in common…

  • She’s married to her high school sweetheart. I’m married to husband number two.
  • She’s a cat person. I’m a dog person.
  • She’s expecting child number six. I can hardly manage one.
  • She home-schools. I can’t teach my son to blow his nose or wipe his bum.
  • She’s on a mission to live green. I forget to recycle.
  • She hates coffee. I think it’s the sixth food group.
  • She’s got this awesome Zen kind of thing. I’m spastic, neurotic and should probably be medicated.

Maybe this is why we have so much to talk about.

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